Maya Sakamoto 坂本麻弥

Well, we all love Av Idols… of course we do not love all of them, but we all have our favourites that are “working on us” and bringing a lot of pleasure. This is just a quick drop post before tomorrow’s day. Here are some cool movies with girls that are newbies on the av idols scene. Enjoy it!

You could be watching drop-dead gorgeous Japanese teens in their first steps on path towards becoming well known av idols, here…

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Japanese AV Idols Orgies

Japanese Av idols are gorgeous porn stars doing their best on the pretty competetive adult video market in Japan. Due to this fact released movies are full of crazy orgies, multiple fetishes and everything else you’re probably already enjoying with!

Today I’ve (again! what I have about that asian group sex?) got for you hardcore av idols pictures so If you were looking for a sexy Japan av idol going in for hc screwing then I believe you’re pleased with this post! You can find more Av Idol pictures in many sections of this blog.

With their kinky attitude Japan adult video idols gives a proper slap even to german pornstars as you can see in following shoots:

I’m considering putting each and every Japanese av idol from those galleries on my personal “Hot Av Idols” list! If you don’t have one then start before getting your new videos every day and as you know there are few good options for that!

Not only newbie teen, but also well known av idols are bringing pleasure to thousands. Why don’t you give it a shoot?

Look through list of best av idols in the right sidebar and remember to give rating to your personal favourite!

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Now what I promised, some samples (they aren’t highest quality, but hell – they’re just samples and it’s all about chicks :D ) of two gorgeous Japanese av idols: Mika Mizuno and Momo Aizawa.

Fresh AV Idols Handjobs

Looking for av idols in uncensored version? Well, what would you say for two hot Japanese angels (Yuu Tsuruno and Aimi Takaoka) milking your cock? That’s exactly what they do in this hardcore video from Handjob Japan. There isn’t any other site dedicated strictly to new (and also known) Japanese av idols using their hands to bring the best of pleasure to any and every one watching!

Leaving things on side this movie brings you two horny sluts massaging cock first true boxer shorts while getting horny and then unpacking it start the hardcore fun! Everything is in pov perspective and while one girl is stroking cock by the balls and keeping it hard with hand full of rings, the other one takes care of top and head of that dick – that’s a milking fan in av idol style you’ll never forget!

So if you’re a handjobs fanatic and by the way you love to watch Japanese girls stroking cock hard while smiling in most beautiful way you can imagine and gazing deeply into your eyes while handling you to arrive at higher levels of extasy then you’re gonna be extremely pleased with videos and movies available for download at Handjob Japan.

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Gorgeous AV Idol – Arisa Suzufusa

As you can clearly see Arisa Suzufusa is one hot Asian doll. Just looking at her as a tennis girl would make me shoot and finish all over her cute uniform!

Another great thing about her is the way she’s wrapping lips around dick. Your’s would find that place (her sweet face and mouth) to be extremely pleasing. And she’s doing it in the way that viewer nearly feels it just by looking, isn’t freaking awesome? I’m adding Arisa to my list of favourite Japanese cock blowing av idols~!

Arisa can be definitely put into category of av idols with great tits even if they’re not the biggest it’s cool and I’d slide my dick between them instantly if the opportunity arrse. Still, I’ve enjoyed watching all of her videos many times. I’m dropping some more screens from members area! Have fun with her because at av idols there’s her full video where she’s getting roughly fucked and you could be taking huge spasms of pleasure! Interested?

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AV Idols

Today I’ve got for you couple of hot av idols – still you may want to forgive me the quality of pictures in last post as they were done with mobile modem with built in compression. Terrible way to have a look at pretty av idol pussy :)

In order to lower that “pain” I’ve got for you couple of more galls today, all of them in so much better quality.
These two hotties are all known to most of Japanese av idols fans and they are: Akane Ozora and Jun Kusanagi.

I also would like to mention that they’re av idols that make me freaking horny and ready to keep blasting my load throught whole evening.

Akane Ozora in av idol toying
Is sexy Japanese beauty with perfect small breasts, fantastic trimmed pussy ready to take even a huge cock and of course the right attitude that brought her to be one of better known av idols in the world. In this gallery you can enjoy watching her being fucked with multiple toys at once! You could also be watching her in the same video scene where she spread legs happily in order to take that tool deeper!

Uncensored av idol videos at AvIdolz: 11
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Screen of one of videos (linked to her profile):

Jun Kusanagi in av idols foursome banging
Whenever I was about to start writing description of new video with Jun Kusanagi I took some more time for let’s say preparation. She’s one of top av idols and that’s no surprise once you enjoy couple of her movies and of course multiple scenes. In here she’s getting massive fuck from four guys and she’s enjoying it as much as I do watching it and listening to her moans!

Raw av idols movies at AvIdolz: 3
Raw av idols photo sets: 4

Screen of one of her videos (linked to her profile):

Japanese Av Idols are my favourite choice when it comes to Asian sex and that shouldn’t be surprise as the blog name is simply Av Idol. More in next update – enjoy it and check out girls videos, their moans will make your day a better one :D