It’s been few days since my last post and it’s quite a lot when it comes to putting up new pics of top voted Japanese av idols for your pleasure :) So today I’ll write few words and leave some comments about one of my top av idols. Be sure to rate it and visit AvIdolz where you can download all of the uncensored titles with Chinatsu!

Best of Japanese AV Idols: Chintasu Izawa

As you can see Chinatsu is nearly perfect babe for everyone who love av idols with small tits! If you ask me then I consider her slim body and look on her face while she’s sucking dick as a big turn on! :D don’t you?


If we even pass on these hardcore asian sex pictures there’re still more than few great av idol sex videos presenting not only her, but also her sexy Japanese friends!

Best of Japanese AV Idols series – Tora Tora Platinum 46 with Chinatsu Izawa

It’s easy to notice that Chinatsu simply love to take care of guy. Her perversive nature and will to be fucked like all of her fans would like to watch is outstanding! It’s also great oportunity as this title is completely uncensored!

In third scene our beautiful Japanese av idol start doing awesome blowjob while masturbating her hairy asian pussy, there’s a lot of close ups and extreme toying fun!

Speaking about toys, Chinatsu Izawa loves them a lot and honestly this dvd of her is filled with hardcore toy fucking icluding asian ass spreading and much more than 5 toys used on her at once! If you ask me I’d love to participate in such fun with Japanese babe like her!

I guess you’re ready for more Japanese av idols in uncensored quality!
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Chinatsu is asian adult video idol since few good years – thanks to that you could be enjoying her “company” and moanings for a lot of times before you actually switch to next girl in download que :D


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Imagine taking for an asian group sex party 3 fresh av idols along with one famous av idol like Moe Yazawa. You know what happens? There’s a party and drinking thatturns into undressing with a lot of fun :) Pople loves to party and besides… wouldn’t you love to participate in orgy with beautifules japanese pussies? I would and I bet you could give ot your hand for that! The fun gets better with every minute as four smoking hot and steamy japanese av idols goes naked and wild! Some of them gets served first and the rest goes for blowjobs with a lot of self pleasing fun! In here we can also jerk nicely while watching two horny, redhead and fresh japanese av idols riding dicks. This video include full variety of tits so we have big ones and small, both pairs of this perfect asian tits looks simply astonishing going up and down in hard ride screwing! You’ll have a good one with these 4 av sex video clips – also 4 more than fantastic av idols. It’s purely japanese sex orgy that’s going to give you full kick of comings and that’s just few minutes from one scene of three scenes done in Av Idols Sex Party dvd with Moe Yazawa, Nana Arita, Karin Fujita and Natsuki Haga! As you can see (at least if you read this) there’s ton of pleasures more waiting for you just with this one uncensored av movie!

Later on all four sexy and slim japanese girls are put on their back and the mission to fuck and listen to their moans all at once begins. It’s extreme sex scene with tons of close ups, asian av shaved and hairy pussies doing blowjobs, being fucked down right in each and every position letting these happy guys to push it deeper and make them moan even more! For fans of skinny av idols with trimmed pussies it’s a fest that cannot be left with no attention. it’s a massive av idols creampie in fully uncensored manner! Serious asian fucking is going on and this just ramps up in other scenes!


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Hottest Japanese Av Idols? What do you think…

linked to av idol sex pictures (Maria Ozawa & Chinatsu Izawa – sounds funny together, but they’re both hot!) and av idols videos

Maria Ozawa

Maria Ozawa is one hot japanese av idol and she just loves being naughty. In a matter of a fact it goes even further as she’s best at playing kinky asian slut. Dunno if you like that idea, but i also… love it.

Chinatsu Izawa

Chinatsu Izawa is perfect example of sexy av idol that’s attenting sex parties with greatest pleasure. She’s also freaking hot  model. She has cute face, but her attitude towards fucking and getting well served in Japanese av idols sex parties is even more turning on!

Ai Himeno

Ai Himeno is one of top av idols and I would say she’s ineterested in group fun even more than Chinatsu Izawa! Happily you can decide by yourself after watching crazy video in which  she gets her first gangbang video which is pretty fucking much obligate (and free) to watch if you read any of this stuff – high five for Ai Himeno :D

Akira Ichinose

Akira Ichinose is another famous av idol that doesn’t step back when it comes to sex parties and orgies! In videos you’ll find below you’ll be watching her dealing with two dicks at the same time in awesome way! Akira Ichihose is one of hottest av idols I’ve encountered so I know you’ll have good fun with her :)


If you’ve managed to get here then you already know four names of extremely hot and famous av idols from Japan. That’s enough for a lot of wild fun so go for it :D

Love watching top Japanese av idols and their fresh pussies in early stages of their career as av idol pussy – we love so much!

Today I’ve got for you fresh and redhead av idol doing pretty kinky things with her petite pussy.

A good view on her underwear is a must in both scenes and I’d say it’s one of better Japanese girls panties shoots! I simply adore this not so innocent teen av idol pussy that I can’t wait to watch her even in a little bit harder actions!

Would you say she’s one of hottest av idols you’ve ever seen?

For sure she’s on top of my favourite av idols list (signed her in today after deciding to pick her among 4 others). She’s definitely fitting not only in title of this post, but also to my personal likings. Somehow redhead japanese teens makes me go freaking hard in no time… again, and again :D

Isn’t this Japanese girl fucking hot enough to make you sit and imagine yourself going in and pushing your dick slowly through her narrow asian teen pussy? You see? She does this to me – it’s amazing after literally hundreds of teen Japanese av idols I’ve seen just this years :D

Like av idol pussy pictures above? There’s more as Hazuki Kamino loves to touch herself a lot! Well when it comes to teen Japanese girls sky-rocketing on the scene of Japanese adult videos babes like her “climb up” in their porn career pretty fast! That’s why their so lovely kinky!

I like to watch kinky asian pussies like her doing so much more naughty things as their av idol model career progress! For example, our lovely Hazuki Kamino recorded already three adult movies each around 2 hours!!!

Just think about it – she does look innocent in here… even a bit? So enjoy Hazuki av!
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That’s a lot of options enabling you to create a folder called my favourite av idols on your hdd and start downloading from site like mad! I guess if that’s not good then you might want to try cams :D

Title : Full Sex Awakening Thready
Duration : 1:59:53
Starring : Hazuki Kamino

Hazuki does love to experience all the kinds of sex and in this movie we can admire her beautiful body packed in no shirt and tight shorts which make me feel a lil bit dizzy whenever I see her ass like that! It’s same with this lucky guy, but she gets banged all the way down with a lot of pussy and cock licking fan. 69 included so I love it a lot! :D

Title : Costume College Girl
Duration : 2:02:47
Starring : Hazuki Kamino

Cosplay is shortcut from costume play and as we all know a Japanese av idol packed in uniform of naughty college girl is kind of treat for your cock that you can not say no to it! Ok, of course you could say no, but what the hell for? In here Hazuki gives a handjob, sucks on cock in nursery and gets fucked in the principal’s office. Only lovely things in here, especially that handjob she gives out!

Title : AV Debut
Duration : 2:12:44
Starring : Hazuki Kamino

In her debut movie, Hazuki fucks for over 2 hours – there’s dildo play, hairy av pussy masturbation and of course good close ups on her slender body in heat. She’s a perfect cock sucker and she proves it in this video! In each scene you can watch her being pounded and taken a proper care of. After watching it I haven’t change my mind about voting on her in top asian av idols and I simply wait for more hot av productions with this kitten!